Who am I? - African American Soldiers of World War I

There were many notable African American men that served as soldiers during World War I. Some of the men had illustrious careers before the war; others came to prominence after the war.

Guiding Questions

  • Who were some of the famous African American soldiers that participated in World War I?

Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Identify notable African American men who served in World War I.
  • Identify the accomplishments of the notable African American soldiers of World War I.


After reading about each individual African American soldier, assign the students to complete the matching worksheet.


Check student’s answers according to the following Answer Key:

1. Noble Sissle – F, J
2. Horace Pippin – M, S, B
3. Charles Hamilton Houston – C, H, Q
4. Bill “Bojangles” Robinson – K, O, T
5. Charles Spurgeon Johnson – L, W, H
6. James Europe – D, J, P
7. Spottswood Poles – A, I, H
8. Vertner Woodson Tandy – R, H
9. Osceola McKaine – G, V

Materials Needed

Famous African-Americans Handout